Be Free 2pc Ring Stack

$ 14.99

Be Free 2pc Ring Stack
The Be Free 2pc Ring Stack includes 2 of our top selling rings, for the price of 1!
In this stack you will get these two rings:
High and Low mountain ring
Ring Meaning:  The mountain range on this ring symbolizes the ups and downs in life.  There are peaks and valleys through our days, weeks, months, and years.  There are times at the top, and times at the bottom.  Wear this ring to remember that the most important part of life isn't the destination, but the climb through it all.
Adjustable Free Flying Airplane Ring
Ring meaning: This ring symbolizes the essence of being free and living a life that means the most to you!  Life is too short to worry about the small things, or what other people think.  Wear this ring as a constant reminder to be free in life, and to yourself!
  • Rings are adjustable to fit any finger
  • beautiful silver color
  • dainty and cute
  • super limited edition item!